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Focus T25 Results – How To Get The Best Results From Focus T25

Focus T25 Results

How To Get The Best Results From Focus T25

Focus T25 is the new workout program that Shaun T has designed and put out. Shaun T is responsible for giving us Insanity, one of the hardest workout programs on the market today. Together with Beachbody, they have changed the lives of millions of people, including me. Today I am going to show you how to get the best Focus T25 results. I’m going to start by introducing my wife and I, the authors of this post. Please, if you don’t want to meet us, just keep scrolling past the next section. I feel that trust is key, especially when dealing with the internet. So I think it’s important that you get to know us a little, before you take our word for how to get the best results from Focus T25.

This is going to be your definitive guide to obtaining the best Focus T25 results. As a matter of fact, you can apply most of the things I tell you today for any workout program you participate it.

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Focus T25 Results

Focus T25 Results

Trust is key!

The first thing I want to start with is credibility. My wife and I are writing this article together, and we are both very active in the fitness industry. When reading reviews and information on the internet, the one thing you always worry about is the credibility of the author. I’m not famous, but we do own Focus T25 and Insanity. We have finished Insanity several times, and we are in the process of doing the Focus T25 workout program, which we just purchased and received at the beginning of July.

Let’s start with my wife, she will be doing a live Focus T25 journal to communicate her results. She just had our 3rd child, and is trying to get rid of the baby weight she has gained. You can see her face and hear her voice by clicking the link below!

Focus T25 Post Pregnancy Live Journal With Heather

Focus T25 heather results

Say hi to Heather!

You can also see Heathers Insanity results by clicking the link below!

Insanity Workout Review With Heather

Then there is me. I have completed the Insanity program a few times, but I have achieved the best results using P90X. I have done a very detailed and complete review of the program, complete with my before and after pictures. P90X and Insanity have changed my life! Check it out below!

P90X Workout Review With Brooks

Focus T25 Results Brooks

Say hi to Brooks!

When it comes to workout programs and how to be successful with them, Heather and I are seasoned pros!

We also have a Facebook and Twitter account, you can follow us there by simply clicking the icon on the right column of this article and liking or following us! It’s a great way to keep updated!

Focus T25 Results

Getting Started With Focus T25

how to get results with focus t25

The very first thing you’re going to need to bring to the table is a good attitude and a want to change your life. I’m assuming you are here reading this, because you have made that choice. I want to let you know that this is not going to be super easy, but it will get easier as you go! Having the right attitude and mindset is only going to make things easier. Be prepared to fend off the haters and ignore every word they say. Trust me, when you tell people your eating good and working out, they are going to hate out of jealousy. I experience this every day. Just be prepared for it.

Surround yourself with the right people. If you can find a buddy to do the program with you, you will be much more likely to complete it. Having a good support system is crucial when trying to lose weight and get fit. You can do it without the support, but having help will be beneficial for you.

To get the best Focus T25 results, try to avoid situations that force you to fail. I’m not saying you can’t have fun, but if you know your going to eat bad after spending hours at the bar having drinks, try to avoid it. If you are strong willed and know what you want, you can still partake in these situations. Trust me when I say however, it will be difficult. If you’re out with friends and you see them ordering burgers or pizza, it’s gonna be tough.

Focus T25 Results

Focus T25 Before And After Pictures And Measurements

foucs t25 results before and after

One of the most motivating things you could possibly do for yourself is achieve results. I promise, if you see the fat coming off your body, you’re going to want to workout the moment you see it. The only way you can monitor this is by making sure that you take before and after pictures and measurements. When you order Focus T25 they will suggest what poses you will want to take the photos in, so you can get your T-shirt for completing the program.

Make sure when you take your pictures you have someone else do it. Try not to take a self portrait in your mirror. These are often hard to see results in. Whenever you take pictures always try to wear the same clothes or something similar. You would be amazed how different clothes can change your appearance, making it difficult to see if you have had any actual results. Try to take a picture front facing from about your thighs up. Make sure your shoulders are back and stomach is relaxed. Don’t flex your tummy, this can also skew the appearance of your results. You will also want to take one of your back, put your hands on your hips so your arms aren’t right next to your stomach. Take another picture of your side with your hands on your hips. This will also show how flat your stomach has become from working hard! I also suggest taking one of your back while your arms are flexed and one front facing of arms flexed. This will show the tone and muscle you have gained in your upper body.  If your problem area is your butt and thighs, take pictures that clearly show these areas.

No matter how painful these pictures are to take, do it! I can’t tell you the amount of people I have coached that opted not to take the pics, only to be really bummed they didn’t. You don’t even have to look at them, put the on your PC or somewhere safe, and ignore them until your ready to face them. Or better yet, take a good hard look at yourself. Bed your old self farewell, and use it as motivation to get your journey started for amazing Focus T25 results!

For examples of poses, please visit our reviews at the links above. You can see how Heather looks right now by checking out her Focus T25 Journal!

Focus T25 Measurements

You will also want to take all your measurements. Men and women will do their measurements just a little different. Our body types are not the same, so usually we are targeting different areas.


  • You will want to measure your chest, just wrap the measure tape aright around your nipples with your arms out. No flexing.
  • Measure your waist, bring the tape right across your belly button. Make sure it’s even in the back and make sure your not flexing. Relax.
  • You will want to measure your arms as well. Do your left and right bicep. You can go flexing or not flexing, your call. I like to flex for these.
  • Hips and Butt. Most men won’t be focusing on this area, but you might be. If you are, measure them up!
  • Also measure your calves. You will see your calves get bigger and more toned.


  • You will want to start by measuring your waist. Same as men, measure from your belly button around your back.
  • Measure your butt, bring the measure tape around the widest part of your bottom and keep the tape straight.
  • You will also want to get a good measurement of your thighs. Measure from the widest spot and keep the tape straight. Make sure to mark right and left.
  • Measuring your arms is also a good idea. You will see that floppy skin and fat melt off your arms!
  • Measure your calves if you think you want to. You will thin out this area of your leg as well.

Focus T25 Results

What You Need For Focus T25 –  Get The Right Gear

Making sure you are properly equipped with all the things you need when Focus T25 arrives will be important to your success. If you don’t, it could set you back! One of the great things about Focus T25 is that you really don’t need all that much. It comes with the band that is needed in some of the workouts, and that’s really all you need. But I am going to give you some suggestions that will make getting through the program easier, so you can achieve the best Focus T25 results.

Focus T25 Shoes

Oh man, shoes are important. Not only can they make the workout more comfortable for you, they can help prevent injury. It’s vital that you have the right pair of shoes, before starting Focus T25 or any workout program for that matter. The right pair of shoes can make your life a lot easier. I’m going to give some suggestions below. Remember, these are suggestions I’m sure there are other great shoes out there, but these are the ones I know.

Minimalists Shoes – I have switched to minimalist shoes for any workout program I do now. They are called minimalist because they basically give you just what you need to protect your foot. They allow the foot to move as it is designed to move. It helps you force your toe to land first when taking a step or running, instead of your heel. There are a couple of brands that I suggest.

Vivobarefoot are the brand that I use. I love these shoes, I wear them as often as I can! They make running shoes for both men and women, that are perfect for doing Focus T25 or any other workout program. Amazon seems to always have them for the lowest price, check them out!

Mens Vivobarefoot

mens vivobarefoot shoe focus t25

Womens Vivobarefoot

womens vivobarefoot shoe focus t25

The first minimalist shoe I tried was the Vibram Fivefingers. You may have seen them around. I liked them a lot, but I liked my vivobarefoot a little better. Check them out below!

Mens Vibram Fivefinger


Womens Vibram Fivefinger

Bikila-w343 focus t25 results

If you just want a good cross training shoe that will get the job done, I have a couple of suggestions for you too! I have ordered them from highest to lowest price. Hopefully you can find something that works in your budget.

Higher priced.

ASICS Men’s Kinsei 4 – Read User Reviews

ASICS Men's Kinsei 4 focus t25

Asics Women Gel Kayano –  Read User Reviews

Asics Women Gel Kayano focus t25 results

Mid Priced.

ASICS Men’s GEL-Fuji Racer – Read User Reviews

ASICS Men's GEL-Fuji Racer focus t25

ASICS Women’s GEL-Exalt – Read User Reviews

ASICS_Womens_Gel_Exalt_Running_Shoe focus t25

Low Priced.

ASICS Men’s Contend – Read User Reviews

ASICS Men's Contend focus t25 results

New Balance Women’s NB Groove – Read User Reviews

New Balance Women's NB Groove foucs t25


There you go, hopefully you will be able to find some shoes that will work within your budget for the Focus T25 workout.

Focus T25 Water Bottle

Okay, I know this one seems a little lame, but go out and get yourself a nice water bottle. I prefer the shaker cups (as pictured below) but there are some awesome water bottles out there. Make sure the top opens so you can get ice in it, you want your water to be cold! Check out all the water bottles Amazon has to offer!

Awesome Water Bottles Click Here!

water bottle for focus t25

Focus T25 Clothes

Make sure that you also have the right clothes. Men, your going to need something that can support you, if you know what I mean. You’re going to be doing a lot of jumping around, some support will do you good! Compression shorts are the best, they give you great support but also let you breathe. You will also need to get a t-shirt, or sleeveless shirt for the workouts. Whatever you are comfortable in!

Click here to get support, gentleman.

Ladies, you are also going to need some support. Make sure you get yourself a good sports bra. My wife prefers the bras made by under armor. She said none support her quite the way that they do. They also zip down the front which make them easier to take on and off. After being sore that first week, you will appreciate this immensely! Check out some sports bras below. Don’t skimp on this ladies, it’s important to have the proper support.

Sports Bras

Focus T25 Results

Nutrition and supplements for Focus T25

This is definitely one of the more important parts of the Focus T25 workout program. Whether or not you have success will depend on your ability to follow a good nutrition plan. Focus T25 comes with a great one, but it’s limited. It has 5 minute meals, that only use 5 ingredients. It also comes with a fast track meal plan, which will also help out a lot. It tells you what meals to make, but does not teach you much about how to make the right choices in other situations. You can stick to the 25 meals in the plan, but how realistic is that for anyone. Maybe while you’re doing Focus T25, but at some point you need to learn how to make good meals yourself, with your own ingredients. When I first started doing workout programs, I was working by behind off but failed from a nutrition standpoint. Someone pointed me in the direction of a program called Fat Loss 4 Idiots. This program teaches you how to make the right decisions to get rid of fat the right way. Not a crash diet or starvation, the right way. There is a science to it, and you will learn that science with the Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

This is 100% optional, but I promise you will see your results sky rocket if you learn and apply what is taught in this program. Combine this way of eating with your Focus T25 workout, nothing will stop you from losing fat.

Click Here To Learn How To Lose 9 Pounds In 11 Days!

fat loss 4 idiots

There is a free website I want to share with you as well. This site is great for tracking your eating and understanding your carb/protein/fat ratios. You can sign up free of charge and track all your food. This will keep all your data and compile it into reports for you. You can be really detailed, or just keep a high level record of your eating. You can also track your measurements and weight here. It’s a great site for those who are serious about losing weight, it has aided me immensely!

Head On Over To FitDay Now!

Focus T25 Supplement Information

To get the best Focus T25 results, you should look into taking supplements. Some people don’t think they work, but I know they do. I take a pre workout mix that get’s me ready to go hard on my workout and I also take a post workout to help my body recover. These are all offered by beachbody, but I have done a lot of research and picked my own out. You also need to make sure you are taking a protein supplement if you are not eating enough on your own. Most people will have a hard time getting that much protein in their body, so it’s a good idea to supplement. The supplements I suggest are below.

Please, do your research on these before purchasing. Understand the ingredients and how they impact your body. Everyone has different things they are allergic or sensitive to. I would hate to suggest something to you, that might cause harm. It’s always a good idea to reach out to your physician first as well.

Focus T25 Results Pre Workout

Assault By Muscle Farm

Focus T25 Results Post Workout (Recover Drink)

Scivation Xtend

Focus T25 Results Protein Powder (Mix with water or milk)

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein

If you have problems with your joints, I also suggest taking a joint supplement about a week before starting any workout program. This will help lubricate your joints and cause less chance of injury and pain.

Flexacil Ultra Joint Relief Formula

And please, don’t forget about shakeology. I couldn’t have achieved all the things I have without it! It is a meal replacement shake that is delicious and will have you feeling full! I have done a full Shakeology review, just click below!

Shakeology Review By Brooks

Shakeology review 2

I could probably go on all day about food and nutrition, but that will have to wait for another day. I have given you enough here that will provide you the tools to learn and make better eating choices. This part of getting great Focus T25 results is so very important, please do not over look it!

Focus T25 Results

Have realistic expectations.

unrealistic expecations focus t25 results

The infomercials and before and after pictures do a great job of getting us motivated. But they also create expectations that can be a little unrealistic at times as well. Set small goals and try to achieve those before you set out to look like a fitness model. The people you see advertised from the company were probably trained by Shaun T himself, and were basically put in a position where they could not fail. You can achieve these results, I promise you that, but you just have to be realistic about it. It may not all happen at once, you may have to go through the program twice, or three times. As long as you want it bad enough, you will get there, just don’t expect it to happen over night. Please don’t misunderstand this part as a demotivator. That’s not my intent. I just don’t want you to quit after a week because you didn’t drop 10 pounds.

Focus T25 Results

Connect With The Focus T25 Community

how to get best results with focus t25

This one is huge. When you become a Beachbody customer, you are granted access to one of your biggest assets, the community. This is probably one of the most underused, but most important aspects of signing up with Beachbody. There are a bunch of people out there just like you, sharing their stories, struggles and gains. There were many times I felt like stopping, I would go out to the forums and look at some before and after photos. Real people, not the people from the infomercials, but people just like you and I. It’s refreshing to see people out on the message boards, motivating and telling their stories. You can also ask questions and get answers almost immediately. People on the forums love to help in any way that they can. Please, do not neglect to take advantage of such a huge benefit of a product. Get out there and get active with that community, you will be more accountable for your actions! Put your before pictures up on the forum, then you will be held accountable to show them your after pictures. You would be surprised just how motivating something like that can be!

Focus T25 Results


I think I have provided you a pretty solid base for being fully prepared for Focus T25, and probably any other workout program you’re considering doing. I hope that I have given you some knowledge or at least reminded you of something you needed to get done before starting. You can always leave a comment if you have any questions or concerns. Again, community participation is key, don’t be afraid to ask questions!

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Focus T25 Results

How To Get The Best Results From Focus T25









  1. Hello! I don’t know if the vibrams or vivobarefoot are the best choice in footwear for focus t25

    There is a lot of jumping up and down, hopping around and do not feel they give adequate support. I tried similar styled footwear and have suffered more than when I wear proper cross training footwear. I believe minimalist foortwear is more suited to running.

    To each his own but I do recall Shaun T. recommending cross training shoes for Insanity and I seem to have avoided a good amount of pain ever since taking that advice. Those Asics are a great choice!

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