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Focus T25 Review – Women Results Post Pregnancy Journal – Focus T25 Before And After Having Child

Focus T25 Review – Women Results Post Pregnancy Journal

Focus T25 Review – Before And After Having Child

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Also, my husband and I wrote a very detailed article that talks about how you can hit the ground running and achieve the best possible results with Focus T25, or any other workout program you start! Check it out now!

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My name is Heather. I’m really excited today. I decided to buy Focus T25 and use it as my post pregnancy method for getting into shape. It almost feels like it was supposed to happen, with it’s release date being the beginning of July. I had my newborn baby boy (Cameron) on May 31st. I have just been recently cleared by my doctor to go ahead and start working out. That was yesterday, and now today my new Focus T25 by Shaun T has arrived. Please, check out the video below to see what I’m excited about and what this Focus T25 journal is all about!

So there I am, ready to get this thing moving! It’s been a long time since I could actually do real workouts, and I am ready to go! I am going to bring you along on this journey with me. If you found this page, you have found the beginning of my personal journey to get back into shape. If your a firs time visitor of this site you can see what I accomplished with the Insanity program by Shaun T. Click the link below.

Insanity Workout Program Review By Heather

Focus T25 Review Women Results Post Pregnancy Journal

I have since had gave birth and I am ready to get back into that kind of shape. I have created some pretty hefty goals for myself. The first weekend of August there is a Spartan Race. If you have not heard of this, check it out! Click here for spartan race info. They are held all over the World and I really want to get into good enough shape to compete in one. It’s a pretty hardcore obstacle course that’s designed to make you tired. There are different levels, but for my first I am just doing the Spartan Sprint.

Are you ready to go on this journey with me? Click the link below to buy Focus T25 now!

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Both my husband and I will be doing the Focus T25 workout program. Although he has much less of an excuse he has added a few pounds during my pregnancy as well. We strive to be great role models for our kids and others by maintaining a healthy life style.

I plan on doing a very detailed Focus T25 review and showing my Focus T25 results and before and after pictures. Check out where I am at today.

 Focus T25 Review – Focus T25 Before And After Pictures

Right now I only have my Focus T25 before pictures. After I complete the Focus T25 workout program, I will post my end results for everyone to see! Check out where I am exactly 5 weeks after having my son.  If you want to see where I was before having my son, you can click the Insanity Review link above!

focus t25 review and resultsfocus t25 results after having babyfocus t25 before and after picture


focus t25 review post pregnancy journal

Focus T25 Review Women Results Post Pregnancy Journal

I want to tell you how I feel about the workouts and show you my results weekly. I am very busy right now with my newborn son, so it will be difficult to get the workouts in and even more difficult to bring updates. Either way, I should be bringing you updates every week. Sometimes more, sometimes maybe a little less. I will be sharing best practices and what is working and not working for me. My hope is to motivate and inspire mothers out there who are looking to get in shape. Even if you’re not a mother, I hope that my situation can motivate you to get off the couch and press play. To bring a more active lifestyle to your household!

I am off to get my first workout in.

Get ready to get your first workout in too! Click below to buy Focus T25 now!

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Click Here For Part 2 Of My Journal – What Comes With Focus T25 Unboxing

Focus T25 Review – Women Results Post Pregnancy Journal

Focus T25 Review – Before And After Having Child

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