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Focus T25 Workout Program Review – Shaun T’s New 25 Minute Workout

Focus T25 Review

Get a quick glance at the Focus T25 Workout Program

Before we get too deep, my husband and I wrote a very detailed article that talks about how you can hit the ground running and achieve the best possible results with Focus T25, or any other workout program you start! Check it out now!

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I am very excited to be bring you the new Focus T25 review, the workout program that is being released by Shaun T, the creator and mastermind behind the Insanity workout series. If you have never done Insanity, then you are in for a great ride. T25 is based on the same basic principal as Insanity but much shorter at only 25 minutes per workout. This is highly motivating for me and my wife. We just had a newborn and find it very difficult to get a 40 minute – 1 hour workout in consistently. I have much more confidence in being able to accomplish a 25 minute workout. And since it’s by Shaun T, I have every confidence that it will be incredibly affective for weight loss and for achieving the fitness level you are seeking.

Let’s take a quick look at what you will be getting with the Focus T25 workout program review!

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focus t25 challenge pack

What is included with Focus T25 Workout Program

Alpha Cycle 25-Minute Workouts

  • Ab Intervals – Get your midsection trim and slim with this core focused cardio interval video.
  • Speed 1.0 – Get quicker feet and burn some fat while your doing it.
  • Cardio – Hope your ready to get your sweat on, this is 25 minutes of sweat inducing cardio intervals.
  • Total Body Circuit – No weights, mostly strength and resistance. The muscles are gonna be burning!
  • Lower Focus – Get ready to work on those legs. Your calves, thighs and behind are gonna be sore!

Beta Cycle 25-Minute Workouts

  • Rip’t Circuit Cardio – You go from your upper body to legs to abs then repeat sequence. Your going to love/hate this workout!
  • Speed 2.0 – speed 1.0’s older brother and he is here to help you burn some serious calories. Get ready to get quick feet and scorch the fat off your body.
  • Upper Focus – This is going to help you get definition in your arms and back. Get your upper body firm and gain some fat burning muscle.
  • Core Cardio – You won’t believe how much you can sweat and fat you can burn in only 25 minutes! Better bring an extra towel.
  • Dynamic Core – Your mid section is about to get worked. Get your core strong with this up and down ab and core workout routine.

Tools to help you achieve your fitness goal

Get It Done Nutrition Guide – Half of achieving your fitness goal is in the kitchen. What focus t25 reviewyou put in your body will help decide how much success you achieve. Follow this plan, and your results will come faster than you can imagine.

Quick Start Guide – Focus T25 workout program comes with a step by step guide to show you exactly what you need to do to achieve fantastic results. This takes the thinking out of it, you just have to press play and bring it!

Alpha-Beta workout calendars – Put the calendar on your wall, and hit play. It will tell you exactly what workouts to do each day.

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5-Day Fast Track Meal Plan – Watch the fat melt off the first week of doing Focus T25 with this beginning meal plan.

B-Lines Resistance Band (15 lb) – Make seemingly simple workouts scorch your fat with this pro grade resistance band. It’s not required on the workouts, but it will make each movement more effective.

Stretch Workout – This is a great workout to do after you have done T25 for 5 days. Stretching is a great way to aid in recovery and muscle growth.

Online Support 24/7 – Fantastic fitness experts are always on call, you also have access to peers doing the workouts. I have been motivated countless times by the forums and network of people in my exact same shoes!

Focus T25 Review

What’s so great about Focus T25?

I think the biggest thing for me, and probably others is the fact that your cramming 1 hour worth of fitness into a 25 minute video. The thing that instantly attracted me to Focus T25 was the length of workouts. With a newborn I don’t have a lot of time, but I can fit in 25 minutes a day. The biggest excuse I hear from people is they don’t have time. If you can’t fit in 25 minutes for a workout in your day, then you just don’t want it bad enough. MAKE TIME!

It is named after the fact that it’s only 25 minutes long. The T stands for Thomas which is Shaun T’s middle name (Shaun Thomas).

It’s a product that is put out by Beachbody. Beachbody has put out high  quality products time and time again. They have helped thousands and thousands of people achieve their fitness goals. When it comes from Beachbody you can expect a quality product.

You get a 30 day money back guarantee. Can’t cut it? The workout too hard? Then get your money back, simple as that.

I will be updating this review as I do the program. Right now, you can only order Shaun T’s Focus T25 workout program through a Beachbody coach. Please, check out the link below to get your hands on Focus T25, you get the free gifts and free shipping for a limited time!


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Focus T25 Review



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