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RushFit Review – GSP RushFit Workout Review

RushFit Review

Find out if you can get fit with GSP RushFit workout review.

rushfit review

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Brooks and today I want to share with you my view points and experience with the GSP Rushfit workout program. Georges St-Pierre has came out with a workout program that is starting to rival other popular programs such as Insanity and P90X. That is no easy task considering that those programs are backed by Beachbody, a powerhouse in the at home fitness industry. Going up against them is no easy task.  I’m sure you have arrived at this page because you have questions about the program. Like me, I’m sure you like to research the program before you commit to buying it. I don’t blame you, and I applaud you for doing your research before  pulling the trigger. Now take a moment to relax and let me give you the in’s and out’s of the RushFit workout program. Hopefully the information I provide you will help you decide if buying RushFit makes sense for you.

I have done many workout programs. I can’t stand going to the gym, so I consider myself an expert in the field. If you click on some other parts of my site, you will see that I am very big on Insanity and P90X. I currently use those two programs the most to achieve my fitness results. In this RushFit review today, I will be holding RushFit against the standards of those programs.

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RushFit Review

What is RushFit?

RushFit was created by Georges St-Pierre, who is a MMA world champion. You may have seen the letters GSP thrown around, even in reference to this workout. He has been one of my favorite MMA fighters since I started watching about 5 years ago, so this workout naturally caught my eye. I don’t want to spend a lot of time talking about him, if you want more info just do a quick search, there is a lot of it out there. Rushfit is an 8 week workout program that’s designed to get you in great shape and help you shed some pounds. GSP claims that he is teaching the exact same workout routines he uses to prepare for his fight. I’m a little skeptical of this, as I am sure he does much, much more to prepare. However, if your just trying to lose some weight and get more fit, you probably don’t need to train like a world champion MMA fighter. GSP got together with his personal trainer, Erik Owens and they put together the RushFit workout program. It’s designed to help normal people get in great shape, drop fat and gain muscle.

Now that you know a little more about the program itself, let’s dig a little deeper into the program.

RushFit Review

Is RushFit for me?

In this section of the RushFit review, I talk more about what the program is about than my actual opinion. If you just want to know what I thought of the workout, scroll down to the next section.

This is an excellent question you should ask yourself before committing to any workout program. What are you trying to do? Are you trying to get cut and lean? Are you trying to build muscle? Are you wanting to get in shape for an obstacle race or something similar? Knowing what you want to accomplish is always the first step to knowing which workout program you should choose. The GSP RushFit workout program was designed to help Georges St-Pierre’s performance during an MMA fight. I doubt that’s why your here though, even if that’s not your goal, the RushFit program could be for you. RushFit is designed to help you enhance 6 main training areas.

  • Core Stability
  • Power
  • Endurance
  • Balance And Agility
  • Strength
  • Flexibility

This plan was well thought out and very organized. Each of these areas have been used to help design the 7 high intensity workouts that are about 45 minutes a piece. Most of the workouts are developed to support circuit training. It uses the same philosophy as Insanity. You go hard for set amounts of times, take short breaks and get back in it. A very well thought out group of workouts are usually broken down by 5 separate 5 minute rounds. Since you are working at such a high intensity you are going to be burning more calories than your typical cardio. (Running on treadmill…) I have done a LOT of research on circuit training, this is the way to go. You are not only burning fat, but you are building muscle. It’s important to kill both of these birds with one stone. Another nice thing about the RushFit workout program is the fact that it comes with 3 different schedules for all types of fitness levels. You have beginner, intermediate and advanced. Personally I jumped into the intermediate just to get a feel for it. I had been doing Insanity so I felt I could probably keep up.

Here are the workouts you get with the RushFit workout program.

RushFit Strength And Endurance

You will be introduced to MMA style circuit training in the strength and endurance portion of the program. You will be doing 5 very intense circuits designed for building power, strength and most importantly burn fat. They do their best to simulate how a real MMA fight would feel. Again I hardly feel this would prepare you for a real fight, but the tempo is great and you really get a good burn. You will be doing some combos that will make you feel silly at first, but you will feel like a stud once you get them donw.

RushFit Full Body Strength And Conditioning

This is a top to bottom workout and you will probably feel  the most overall exhausted from this video. Since your working so many different areas, you will be really tired when this one is over. You will be burning fat and toning up those hard to reach muscle groups. This was one of the workouts that I attributed to helping me see the definition in my abs that I hadn’t seen in a while, and help me burn some tummy fat.

RushFit Explosive Power Training

If you really want to be good at almost any sport, you want to work on your power and explosiveness. If you don’t care about being better at sports, the nice thing is this will also help you build muscle and burn fat. With this workout your going to get a good plyometric (jumping) workout. You will work on exploding off the ground to increase your power and help you shred away fat.  These workouts make you sweat and take your breath away. Have you ever done 10 squats, then did 10 squats where you jumped in the air. There really is no comparison. You will see your vertical grow and your leg muscles start to expand. This workout will help you become more of an actual athlete.

RushFit The Fighting Conditioning Workout

This is the most fun your going to have throughout the entire RushFit workout program. You’re gonna feel like one bad mamma jamma once you get the hang of this DVD. At first your going to feel really dumb, but once you get a feel for it, your gonna feel like a legit fighter. Don’t get the wrong message here, just because you learn these combos does not mean you should be trying your hand in the ring. You’re going to feel awesome, but that does not mean you are awesome (at MMA fighting).  You’re going to be doing some great actual MMA combos and moves. I was blow away by how tired my body got doing this stuff. I skimmed through the video before doing it, I thought it was going to be a night off. WRONG. I got it handed to me. These moves are what made my body so sore. I’m not used to doing this stuff, which made it fun, challenging and very effective.

RushFit Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning

It’s time for everyone’s least favorite part of every workout… The core or abs. It’s funny because the core is considered one of the most important parts of your body. It’s your central hub for everything you do. Having a strong core is essential if you want everything else to work right. It blows me away that people skip their core workouts like they do. It’s no fun to do your abs, but it’s important. This goes for any workout you do. Okay, sorry.. Off my soapbox. RushFit does a great job of explaining the moves and showing you why they are important to the development of your core. This is not some short “bonus” workout. This is the same formula, 5 circuits for 5 minutes each. This is a CORE workout, not just an ab workout. You will be working your hips, abs, upper legs and lower back. All things that are important to help develop a strong core.  You’re not gonna love this one, but trust me, it’s important.

RushFit Bonus Workouts – Stretching and Flexibility – Balance and Agility

These workouts are not configured into the actual RushFit workout schedule, but they are both good workouts. I personally am anti Yoga and flexibility type workouts. I know I shouldn’t be, these kind of workouts really help in preventing injury and becoming stronger overall. I just really dislike them. My wife really liked it though and said it was right up there with the P90X yoga workout. Which I personally know works great. The balance and agility is just another workout to add on a day where you want to substitute. It uses a different formula, but is also a great workout.

Here’s a RushFit video that shows some of the RushFit workout program.

After watching the video, are you ready to order? Click below!

Click here NOW to buy RushFit from it’s official site!

I know the RushFit workout worked. This is how. I have been doing Insanity for about 3 months for my cardio. I have not been getting sore anymore, my muscles have acclimated for that workout. After doing RushFit, I was sore from head to toe. I was really, really excited because I had not felt this sore in a long time from cardio. It was like starting a new workout for me. I went back to Insanity after doing RushFit, just to see. And sure enough, sore again. Using both of these workouts seem to be a perfect storm of cardio for me personally.

On top of the workouts you also get the Nutrition Guide. This is important for a lot of people. Nutrition is VERY important if you are trying to lose weight and get fit. If you don’t have the right eating plan, you could be treading water and not seeing good results. When trying to achieve a weight loss goal, following a good nutrition plan and a good workout are equally important.  The RushFit Nutrition Plan gives you good info on what to avoid, what to eat and when to eat them.

RushFit Review

My personal RushFit results and opinion.

As I mentioned earlier, RushFit made my whole body sore, even after doing the Insanity program for many months. I do have to say, from a cardio and caloric burn standpoint RushFit didn’t quite meet the same standards I have come to expect from Insanity. This is a good and a bad thing to be honest. One particularly good thing about it was I didn’t dread it quite as much as I dread doing Insanity. I love doing Insanity, but that workout just drains me. Doing RushFit definitely brought my heart rate up and made me sweat a lot! But I wasn’t quite as discouraged to hit play as I can be with Insanity at times. A lot of the times, I would feel a deep muscle burn oppose to being so out of breath. Sometimes on Insanity I notice that my lungs give out before my muscles have a chance to. With the RushFit workout, it seemed to find a great balance of cardio and muscle fatigue. It allowed me to get those deep muscle burns while also being out of breath.

Where the program lacks a little bit is on the actual muscle building part. To be honest, RushFit can’t even compete with P90X if your looking for the perfect combo of muscle building and fat burning. If you are just looking to add muscle, you might want to pick up P90X instead. If you’re looking to burn some fat and get more cut, this is perfect. I really didn’t think this workout would do anything for me going into it. I had been doing Insanity, so I didn’t think I would see any results. The fact that I was working out different parts of my muscles yielded me seeming more cut when I was done with RushFit. Targeting the same muscles but in different ways was enough for me to get over my slight plateauing. If your coming into this workout working out much prior, you’re gonna see some awesome results.  I found the workouts to be a little more fun and technical than Insanity. Sometimes, this slowed the workout down, but once you were able to complete certain combos, you really started to feel like an MMA fighter. Don’t get me wrong, I have no illusions of getting in the ring, but you really started getting a sense of the things that are important. Once you get a good combo down, it makes the workout much more fun and you actually look forward to doing it. I don’t get this satisfaction with Insanity.

The RushFit workout program is not as intense as Insanity, but it’s a lot more fun. If your looking to get crazy and burn the maximum amount of calories you can in 40 minutes, Insanity is your ticket. If you want to have a great calories burn, learn some awesome MMA moves and have some fun, go with RushFit. But, if your goal is to add a lot of muscle, you better go with P90X. RushFit will tighten you up and melt fat away, but your not going to get much bigger. You will get more toned though. My personal results were seeing a lot more tone, and I was able to get rid of a little more fat in my belly. I think some of the irregular ab exercises were exactly what my core needed.

Another thing I really liked about the RushFit program, was at the end of the cool down they broke down the moves you did and showed you how to perform them right. Many times in fast paced workout programs, we just kind of go with whatever because the instructor doesn’t break it down. GSP and his trainer take about 20 minutes at the end of each workout to talk about the importance of form and what part of your body the workouts target. They also discuss how and why the moves are important in regards to MMA fighting. I thought this was a very nice touch.

RushFit Equipment Needed

The nice part about RushFit is you really don’t need much equipment. You could actually do the workout with absolutely no equipment. If you want to increase your probability of gaining muscle you will need a few sets of dumbbells. I just purchased the Bowflex Selecttech that I use when I do P90X. They go from 2.5 to 25 pounds in 2.5 pound increments then from 25 to 50 in 5 pound increments. I actually did a review on them. Check out the link below.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

You really only need a few sets though. If you have some 10’s, 15’s and 20’s you probably have enough. The workouts you do with the dumbbells you do a lot of them, so the lower weights are typically more than enough. You can buy hex dumbbells from Amazon as well. Check out my dumbbell review page below. It was tailored for P90X but it works for pretty much any workout.

Best Weights For Any Workout

Other than that, you just need to be ready. Most of the exercises in RushFit are body weight exercises.

RushFit Review

Where To Buy RushFit

You have a couple options here. You can head over to the official site of the GSP RushFIt workout program and purchase the product. This is the route that I took. The whole process was very simple and it arrived exactly when they said it would. I opted to make the one time payment of about $90, but you have the option of doing 3 installments of $29.99. This is a great option for the people out there that don’t have $90 at the drop of a hat. You also get a 60 day money back guarantee when you buy GSP RushFit from the official website. You do not get this option when you purchase it through the option below.

Your second option is to buy RushFit on Amazon. Amazon is dependable and a very reputable merchant, so I know a lot of people like to go that route. With the free super saver shipping, you can get the workout and anything else you have been planning on grabbing, and it will be free 2 day shipping. Also, you don’t have to take my word on the RushFit review. Head on over to Amazon and check out the other hundred plus user reviews. You can see what they have to say about the program as well. If you would rather order from the official site, bookmark this page, head on over to Amazon then come back and order from the official site. It’s that easy!

Buy RushFit From Official Site

Buy RushFit From Amazon

RushFit Review

RushFit Workout Program Conclusion

Should you get RushFit? Do you want to burn fat and get in shape? Then, YES! This workout is fun and your going to melt fat and get in excellent shape. You will feel like an athlete when your done. This workout is for people of all fitness levels. You can go hard, or you can start out slower. Don’t let it intimidate you, your going to be so happy with how much you change by the time your done.

Do you want to add a lot of muscle? Then, pass this one up, go with P90X. Check out my review up above, if  you want more info!

RushFit is a great workout, if you really follow the workout schedule and eating plan, you can only improve yourself. Click below now to get your hands on it!

RushFit Workout Review


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